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The Beatles! :iconweekenddanceplz:

This needs some commenting, don't you say :meow:

I luv comments on my work! I love to reply back to u! :D Tell me what you think of my stuff!

Peace and Love :iconpeacesignplz:

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These are my favorites!! :dummy:

You can find your own artwork, or GIF, or picture here! Surely, yours will be in here :D

Mostly Beatle stuff, so if you don't do Beatles, you might be out of luck, sorry! ^^;

Peace and Love :iconpeacesignplz:




Yes, I have some OCs!

I've had them for awhile, actually, but I figured I should share them now. c:

And I may share them with you!

Here they are:

Maybelle Jones: 17 year old British girl. She's slutty, and very curious. Has light purple hair, and always wears bright-colored hippie glasses. She was left alone on the streets as a little girl. Her parents mysteriously disappeared one day, so she ran off by herself. She came across a small village, and decided she would stay there for a bit. She works as a stripper in a bar in the small village, and she's working up the money to buy a house, but she's only focused on slutty clothing to attract the man of her dreams. Also, in part of her spare time, she's in a band called Jude (named after the song Hey Jude) with some friends. She's the lead singer. She is in love with Tobias.

Indiana Thomas -Also Known As Indie-: 19 year old girl. A lesbian. Has short, bright red hair, and always wears a visor to cover her eyes. She's quiet and sometimes suicidal. Her parents were attacked by wolves when she was just a baby, leaving her and her brother who was 3 years older than her alone. Her brother took her to a small village, also where Maybelle ended up later on. They found an abandoned cabin in the woods by the town, and they stayed there. Her brother was very upset from the day their parents died, and then killed himself when he was 6 years old, leaving Indiana alone. Indiana was since then suicidal herself, but she's never harmed herself yet. She met Maybelle in the bar one night, and fell in lover with her, but Maybelle has no interest in her. They then formed a band together, with 2 other friends, called Jude. She is the lead guitarist, and she makes money by playing on the street.

Clara Kent: 17 year old British girl. She's very outgoing and kind to others. She has short, brown hair, and wears lots of bows in her hair. She lived with her parents in a big city apartment until she was 16, then she moved out into a small village, arriving around the same time as Maybelle. Clara has always loved to play the drums, even when she was very little. Her father is a pianist, so they always played songs together.But, she works as a librarian in the local library. She still continues drumming, though, and she now takes part in the band Jude with Maybelle and Indie. Her idol has always been Ringo, and she loves him madly.

Paula Zink: 18 year old girl. She's quiet, but very friendly. She had long, black hair which is always in a ponytail, and glasses. She too has lived with her parents her whole life, but she still does. She is the bassist in the band Jude. She also writes all of the songs, and gives them to Maybelle to sing. Her inspiration is Led Zeppelin. She loves the heart-dropping guitar solos and the deep bass parts. She works as a cashier in a store that sells skateboards, but she plans to do full time bass-playing when she gets enough money to buy her own house. She has 4 siblings, 2 younger twin brothers, and one older sister. She is Jocks girlfriend.

Jock Rider: 19 year old Canadian Boy. He has red, pointy hair, and unusual grey eyes. He is very timid, and gets scared easily, but very friendly. His mom died at his birth, leaving it just him and his father in the small village. He has always loved to draw since he was 5, when he got some crayons at school. He loves to draw fantasy-related things, such as dragons, elves, warlocks, ect. He has always loved the color red too. His room is all red, including the carpet. His hair was not dyed red, though. He works as a delivery man. He is Paulas boyfriend, and they love to go to the movies together late at night.

Eliagh Bunker -Also Known As Eli-: 18 year old boy. He has green, scruffy hair, and he always wears scientific goggles. He is brainy, but a strong leader. He is an adopted child, because his old parents didn't want him. Owned by a very loving family, though, he is happy. He loves science related things. Chemicals, microscopic items, you name it, he's into it! His room is where his ideas begin, then he takes his ideas into the abandoned laboratory, where he then creates his ideas. He doesn't have a job yet, but he's trying to make his own money first by selling his scientific projects. His best friend is a boy called Xavier. They love to hang out together, and play Wii. He is also crushing on Indie, but he doesn't know that she's not interested in him.

Tobias Daught -Also Known As Toby-:  19 year old boy. He has brown hair and a small goatee. He is a softie at times, but he has a bad attitude. He lives in his own house, he moved out when he was just 15, due to his strong attitude. He lives in a house in a small village. He works as a janitor in an elementary school. He is an alcoholic, and a smoker. He hangs out at the bar to watch the strippers, his favorite being Maybelle. He really likes Maybelle, but Maybelle doesnt know. He also likes to make Graffiti Art on things, being a graffiti artist in his spare time.

Xavier Robelle -Also Known As X-: 17 year old boy. He has shaggy black hair, and little buck teeth. He is a very cute boy, but gets called Gay by other men, due to his girlish look. His father works in the army, and his mother is a very clingy woman due to that. He has never told his mom about the bullying situation, and its been going on since he was in 5th grade. His best friend is Eli, and they always hang out together. He is in love with Maybelle, but Maybelle has no interest in him whatsoever. Eli also loves to write. He likes to write realistic fiction stories, and then he reads them out to his mom. He is also very passionate about video games, the Wii being his favorite.

So, what do you think? c: Leave suggestions in the comments!


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